Fire, Water, and Chickens

I wanted to post a few screenshots of some smaller items I have been working on the last month.  First, fire:


Currently the only way to create fire is using a “fire rod”.  Fire cast from a fire rod has a uncontained property, meaning that it can burn things that are burnable, such as brush, trees and stumps.  Fire can spread and catch other burnable objects on fire too!  If set in the right spot, it could cause a forest fire effect.  Fire that is contained (such as in torches) cannot spread.  However, an idea to be built upon is taking an arrow, lighting the tip with fire, and now the arrow has fire that is contained to the arrow, but shot at a burnable object could catch it on fire as well.  Finally, when it rains, fire will be put out.

Next, water:

Water ( 

I spent WAY too much time goofing around with shaders, blend modes and other nonsense. Unfortunately, this is all I have to show for it.  But at least I learned a little bit — I think. 🙂 Water currently has a ripple around the edges, and reflection with objects that are underneath and above.  I currently want to optimize this, because the current approach is pretty expensive.  I also want to put a “shallow end effect” near the edges of the water, basically coloring the graphic with a lighter shade of blue.

Oh!  This screenshot reminded me, we can also shoot arrows off cliffs.  For example, shooting the arrow would go across the pond here.  Before, it would collide immediately into the edge of the cliff, because it is considered a wall object.

Finally, Chickens:

Chicken (graphic credit

Honestly, this little guy is just a placeholder for an enemy I’ve been working on.  But it did get me thinking — I need to add animals that roam around eventually.  I started creating an Animal object that all Animal’s will inherit from (I just realized I have gone full circle in my programming career now).

Also in this screenshot, you’ll notice the tree is colored differently.  We are now able to do a color palette swap.  This will keep the file size down by not having to recreate a ton of art with different colors, and of course, save time 🙂

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading!

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